It’s lunchtime and the suns out, I can’t remember the day but given the weather, it can only be 1 of 10 afternoons this year in London. I’ve decided to take a trip to Gymbox to work up a sweat. Hiit The Deck is a class designed around the best form of cardio for the Londoner who lives life in the fast lane. For anybody who recommends a brisk walk and some step ups as an alternative, we tell them that we eat that workout for breakfast, or better still, we eat our actual breakfast as we do that workout on our underground commute twice a day. HIIT is about fast paced, all-or-nothing training, that pushes the body to its limits to promote fat loss, without losing muscle mass.

I walk into the studio at Gymbox Old Street and it’s busy. There’s a warm vibe in the room. Everyone negotiates space with a friendly efficiency, whether this is because they are all regulars, or they are just trying to ensure they’re not in their neighbours sweat splash zone I don’t know, but the result is a mechanically arranged space of one mat and one step per person.

We start the class bang on time and get right into a dynamic warm up, nothing too intense, but the heavy baseline coming through the speakers allows you to drift into your zone and get in the head space for whats about to come. We worked with a 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off format for 4 sets, followed by a minute of active recovery. But don’t be fooled, there’s nothing easy about active recovery, it’s a chance for you to catch your breath, not stop working! Each round mixed some upper body with lower body HIIT, this gives your muscles a chance to claw their way back to a functioning level of readiness just in time for you to re-visit the exercise that destroyed them in the first place. It's tough love, but we all plough on through knowing our abs will come out to thank us in the long run.

After my class I made the rookie mistake of not eating lunch for over an hour afterwards. I was busy being a Londoner and enjoying a green tea over a catch up with friends. The consequence of this however was tremendous, I was absolutely exhausted and scurried back into the streets to score some sugar to pick me back up before the sun went down and I resumed my other life, as an actor, prancing around a stage for three hours. Trust me, prancing is no easy task after a HIIT class at Gymbox.

My advice to anybody looking to burn fat and take on some HIIT training is to not shy away from carbs. Eat the meal you’ve earned after your class to replenish your body’s energy and trust that you’ll be burning fat for hours afterwards, thanks to the gruelling workout you put yourself through earlier that day.

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