I arrived at the Gymbox Kettlebells workout class no more than two minutes late (I was busy admiring the gym equipment on the way to the studio), but the moment I stepped into the room, I was hit in the face with a warm humid air and a heavy beat coming through the sound system. One of those ‘got not choice but to bop your head’ beats. I figured that this this class was going to be a sweaty high energy calorie burner, and that this room was more than prepared for it, there were loads of different exercise bits and bobs around the outside of the space, half of them I hadn’t used yet myself. I grabbed a few kettle bells and jumped in.

The class was lead by MP Pro Bodybuilder and Gymbox instructor Sylwia, she had an exciting energy and was launching encouragement across the room throughout the session, if you’re somebody who loves to work with adrenaline, this is the kind of class to go for. She also gave quick and accurate demonstrations so I could confidently commit to a movement pattern without fear of ‘doing it wrong’, something you need to feel when you’re swinging weights around in a busy room!

What impressed me most was the variety of movement in our exercises, from figures of 8, to leg raised crunches, squats and swings, we worked the entire body with one piece of equipment. The movement was generally very functional too, using our bodies natural momentum to drive through fatigue and push to the end of each circuit, this allows you to train harder for longer, as with non-functional training, you’ll usually find that getting tired makes the exercise useless for the target muscles because you just stop using them and potentially hurt yourself if you keep pushing on. The best thing about circuit training with Kettlebells is that you can monitor your intensity by changing weight or the speed in which you’re working without having to find an alternative exercise. My advice is to keep the weight just heavier than comfortable so you can work hard and fast without going into the dangerous territory of swinging a load you can barely lift and taking off with it as it flies through the air!

By the last few circuits everyone in the room was panting like pugs in a playground. We were exhausted, but there was more, when we could no longer stand, we got onto our backs and worked the abs. Peeling ourselves off the floor for each rep, we all grunted our way through to the end of the session.

The next day I felt the biggest DOMS in my adductors and glutes, two muscle groups that are essential for everyday activities such as walking, but also every night activities, such as being a beast on the dancefloor, so I’ll definitely be revisiting that class for more pleasure and pain soon.

#kettlebell #gym #gymbox #functionaltraining

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