"Having not enjoyed exercising at all before, I found Elan's workouts really fun and after only three weeks was really surprised to see a visible diffrence in my shape which really upped my confidence."

Making the decision to see a personal trainer was a very daunting experience, but EJ made me feel totally comfortable from the first moment. He listened to what I had to say, and then we drew aline on all old habits. EJ works around my busy schedule of having a full time job along with raising a young family, so that he is available at times that suit me. The sessions are not easy, but of course nothing is gaind without hard work. EJ pushes me to attain training goals that I never ever thought were achievable. After less than 3 moths of training with EJ, my health has improved dramatically. As I continue on this journey, EJ always makes himself available to me, even outside of training sessions. He is the first person I update when I train by myself and he motivates me to keep going. EJ is an exellent PT, but for me, more importantly, he is an amazing character, full of every element needed to help me become a healthier, and ultimately happier person.

I have never been one who likes to be told what to eat, so advice on food took some persuading, but once I gave it a go I found I wasn't really making any sacrifices that I was unhappy about. The exercising felt great because I had EJ there to encourage and motivate me. For the first time in my life, I was finding exercise fun, I also noticed quickly how much more flexibleI was getting and how much more energy I had when I arrived at work (we trained in the mornings). After a few weeks my colleaugues started noticing the change in my body shape. This spurred me on to really tackle my bad eating habits. I truly feel grateful to EJ, and thank God for his help. I feel good about my body with or without clothing again and I plan to continue on this path as this is the best I have felt for years.​