My philosophy on fitness is that training should never be a punishment for what we didn't do or might have indulged in, but instead a celebration of what we are capable of. It's about being the best version of yourself and enjoying that feeling everyday.

I've always been a big fan of the functioning human body, long before I become a personal trainer. As a teenager I competed in athletics, where I became the South of England High Jump Champion. I've since gone on to become an actor in London's Westend, mostly performing in the physically demanding shows such as the National Theatre's Warhorse.

My fitness background led me to Personal training when I actually took time away from training. I quickly felt sluggish, under-motivated and somewhat unhappy. I soon realised that this is what many of my friends and family had been describing for years when they explained their own experiences with health and fitness. I took this as my cue to show others how to train to see results and improve lifestyle, now here I am, a personal trainer with a passion for working closely with all my clients on their journey to enjoying a better, healthier lifestyle.